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How to get a Free Domain for Starter Blogger and Website’s

Register Free Domain in 2018


Hello, Friends today in this article I am showing you how to register and get a free domain’s.There are lots of websites on the web who gives you a free domain name.

First We know what is domain?

A domain name is Identification of a website.Domain names were performed by the rules and procedures of the domain name system.You can access a website with a domain name.Your domain name uses an IP address from your computer which is a series of number.A domain name can be built with any types of character’s like Letters, Numbers, and Symbols also.A domain name has also called with another name URL ( Uniform Resource Locator ).

Example of domain name : .com, .co, .co.in, .in, .net, .org etc

List of websites who gives you a free domain name :
  1. WordPress.
  2. Blogger.
  3. Dot Tk.

Those are the website who gives you a free and very cheap rate domain for your business website and blog.

1. WordPress:

Are you looking for a free domain for your blog or E-Commerce store then you can register a free domain fro wordpress.Wordpress have 29% websites on the Internet.Wordpress can create a hobby blog to a big news website.There are many features like Customizable designs, SEO Friendly Themes, Responsive Mobile Sites, High Performance, High Security, Powerful Media Management, Easy and Accessible.They have 60 Million Users who were using WordPress for their website and blog.

You can buy a hosting from WordPress for your blog and website.

Domain Name Example: www.yourname.wordpress.com

Get Started with WordPress

2. Blogger: 

Blogger is another platform for register free domain for your blog or website.Blogger is maintained by Google.Blogger is an article publishing service that allows you multi-user blog with time-strapped entries.Basically, those blogs are hosted by Google Inc with a sub-domain from google.They have 100 Million Users who are using blogger for their website or blogs.

Domain Name Example: www.yourname.blogger.com

Get Started With Blogger

3. Dot Tk:

If you want a free domain name without subdomain then Dot Tk can give you a free domain name.Dot Tk is the Joint venture of govt of Tokelau which is located in South Pacific.The companies are Teletok and BV DOT Tk.They allow you register a free domain name.

Domain Name Example: www.yourname.tk

Get Started with DOT Tk

There are other websites who can give you very cheap rate domain name like GoDaddy, Hostgator, hostinger, Blue Host, Hosting Raja etc.

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